Accreditation & Recognition

Being dedicated to quality global education, Lincoln University has always been looking for international recognition. The University is accredited by the Council of International Management Standards (CIMS) using the international ISO 9000 quality standards. The three basic elements to uphold the standards of accreditation are:

  • Quality of the faculty and their appropriateness to the curriculum
  • Curriculum and its comparison to other recognized institutions' curriculum
  • Student learning achievement

Lincoln University's place in the broader educational community is established and recognized for its academic excellence. The University has gained recognition for its degrees from the following professional bodies:

  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants of America
  • The Canadian Chartered Institute of Business Administration
  • The Canadian Institute of Certified Computer Professionals
  • Canadian Institute of Industrial Engineers
  • American Institute of Applied Psychology

Due to professional recognition, graduates are eligible to apply for the professional membership granted by those associations. Different professional associations have set different criteria for accepting candidates for their varied grades of membership. Graduates have to check with the specific professional association for the level of membership they can apply for.

Many countries, states or local authorities require certain kinds of professionals to obtain license or to register in order to be in literal compliance with laws and regulations governing the practice of that profession and/or use the title. If licensing is the ultimate goal of the student, Lincoln University strongly advises the students to check with their respective country, state or local authority for specific requirements. For example, licensure of the title 'Psychologist' and the practice of 'Psychology' are restricted in almost every state in the U.S. and provinces in Canada.