In commemoration of Abraham Lincoln's non-traditional mode of study, Lincoln University was incorporated in Louisiana as an independent, non-profit religious institution of higher learning. Since 1990, Lincoln University has built up a global network of learning in 15 countries around the world. Being a religious school, Lincoln University was approved by the Louisiana Board of Regents to offer degrees under the licensure provisions of R.S. 17:1808.

Lincoln University also holds a charter in the former British colony of Nevis, offering courses of instruction leading to Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degrees.

Lincoln University has expanded to the point where it is necessary to formally acknowledge a need for consistency in operations between every study centre. A degree certificate issued from Lincoln University represents the same learning achievement regardless of the location of that learning.

~ Mission ~

The primary mission of Lincoln University is to educate and guide students to become leaders and well-informed concerned citizens. Lincoln University is committed to the use of work-based learning processes to satisfy the needs of both the learners and their organizations. It strives:

  • To play an innovative and progressive role in the lifelong development of practicing managers and leaders globally.

  • To build academic qualifications based on work-based learning approach by using internet technologies and e-learning platform.

  • To promote research and academic development in the service of learning and teaching in management as well as spiritual and moral education.

~ Role ~

Lincoln University aspires to carry out the philosophy of Abraham Lincoln on lifelong learning. Lincoln University aims to educate students in post-graduate, graduate and undergraduate programs to equip them with strong management foundation and worldview. At the same time it is committed to enhance the spiritual and moral dimension to education.

In its role as an alternative to traditional institutions of higher education, Lincoln University strives to broaden individual horizons, reduce artificial barriers such as distance or scheduling conflict that might prevent people from earning a degree and inspire them for a commitment to lifelong learning.

~Scope ~

As a promoter of work-based learning, Lincoln University works in active partnership with other colleges and universities, employers and other organizations to build a system of academic qualifications. Its scope includes:

    • To allow students to build areas of competence relevant to their employment.

    • To provide academic qualifications recognized and valued by employers.

    • To help students to acquire the new knowledge and skills in the changing environment.

    • To motivate students to further their education without any interruption to their career, profession or family life.

    • To develop and enhance critical thinking among the students to help them exercise their faith appropriately and develop cross-cultural understanding.