You can apply to Lincoln University by choosing any of the following methods:

Download Application Form

You can download the Application Form in PDF format and print it out. After filling the form you can either scan the form and send to us as an attachment or you can mail the form to us.

Request for Application Form

Select this option if you would like to receive the Application Form by mail.

  • All applicants must meet the admission requirements for being considered.
  • Prospective students must provide complete and accurate information on the application for admission. Further, applicants must submit authentic and official transcripts of all previous academic work attempted. Failure to file complete, accurate, and authentic application documents may result in denial of admission, cancellation of academic credit, suspension, or expulsion.

  • Your application will be evaluated based on the official transcripts, prior learning, experiential credits or any other approved course you wish to present as credit towards a degree. An initial evaluation usually takes six to eight weeks after receiving all your documents.

  • You will receive a Status report indicating the amount of credits you have been granted towards the requirements of the degree program you want to enroll in.

  • Depending on your evaluation you will be sent a letter of acceptance along with the tuition payment plan. You can then make your decision when to begin the program.