Doctor of Ministry (D. Min.)

The Doctor of Ministry degree is an advanced program of study, preparing the individual for leadership in a variety of institutions.

I. Prerequistes: An individual is eligible for admission into the doctoral program upon meeting the following criteria:

1. Master's degree from an acceptable institution;

2. A total of seven (7) years of occupational experience in an academic or career related field; and

a. A maximum of 60 quarter units at the graduate level from an acceptable institution;

b. The equivalence of 60 quarter units of graduate work, as determined by an in-depth evaluation, conducted by Lincoln University of formal education, life learning experience, specialized training and military service.

II. Program Requirements: The Doctoral Degree requires the student to earn 130 quarter units above the Bachelor's Degree. 60 Units are completed in the Master of Arts in Religion Program.

  Core Courses Units
REL 601 Systematic Theology (5)
REL 602 Applied Theology II (5)
REL 603 Contemporary Theology (5)
REL 604 Selected Biblical Exposition (5)
REL 605 Biblical Languages II (5)
REL 606 Hermeneutics (5)
REL 607 Homiletics (5)
REL 608 Law and the Church (5)
REL 609 Evangelism (5)
REL 700 Dissertation I (5)
REL 701 Dissertation II (15)
REL 702 Dissertation III (5)