Master of Science in Computer Science (M.Sc.)

I. Prerequistes: 

A. Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or related field from an acceptable institution.

B. Completion of undergraduate work evaluated to be comparable to a Bachelor’s Degree by US Educational Norms by an organization qualified to make such an evaluation.>

II. Program Requirements: This program requires 45 units above the Bachelor's level. A minimum of 30 units must be completed while enrolled at Lincoln University. The Master of Science in Engineering is composed of two levels: Engineering core Part I (20 units required) and elective courses Part II (25 units required).

  Prerequisite Courses Units
CSE 372 Structure Programming and Design (5)
CSE 373 Computer Hardware and Organization (5)
CSE 374 Probability and Statistics for Computer Science (5)
CSE 375 Discrete Mathematics (5)

Part I

  Courses Units
CSE 570 Data Communication (5)
CSE 571 Operating System elements (5)
CSE 573 Data Structures (5)
CSE 574 Computer System Architecture (5)

Part II

  Elective Courses Units
CSE 572 Advanced Operating System Concepts (5)
CSE 575 Advanced Operating System Concepts (5)
CSE 576 Programming Language Landscape (5)
CSE 577 Software Engineering (5)
CSE 578 Systems Programming (5)
CSE 579 Advanced Programming (5)