Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.Sc.)

I. Prerequistes: Acceptance into the engineering program is contingent upon possession of a high school diploma and prior work experience as a practical, technical engineer.

II. Program Requirements: 180 units are required for graduation, including 55 units of study applicable to the General Education Requirement. The student must complete a minimum of 45 units while enrolled at Lincoln University. Comprehensive evaluation and counseling are most important at this degree level. The Bachelor of Science in Engineering program is composed of two levels: Engineering Core Part I (30 units required) and your area of concentration Part II (15) units required.

Part I

  Core Courses Units
ENG 102 Mathematics I Calculus I (Differentiation) (5)
ENG 103 Mathematics II Calculus II (Integration) (5)
ENG 104 Mathematics III Calculus III (Series) (5)
ENG 105 Physics I with Calculus (Mechanics of Motion) (5)
ENG 106 Physics II with Calculus (Electricity and Magnetism) (5)
ENG 107 Physics III with Calculus (Heat, Light and Nuclear Physics) (5)
ENG 108 Mechanics I Statics (5)
ENG 109 Mechanics II Dynamics (5)
ENG 110 Structured Programming (5)
ENG 111 Engineering Mechanics and Strength of Materials (5)
ENG 112 Applied Thermodynamics (5)
ENG 113 Elements of Electrical Engineering and Electronics (5)
ENG 114 Engineering Drawing (5)
ENG 115 Material Science and Processes (5)
ENG 116 Engineering Economics (5)

Part II

Select the three (3) courses from your area of concentration:

  Civil Engineering  
CE 302 Construction and Foundation Engineering (5)
CE 303 Fluid Mechanics (5)
CE 304 Surveying (5)

  Electrical Engineering  
EE 321 Electromagnetic Theory (5)
EE 322 Electrical Measurements (5)
EE 323 Electrical Machines (5)

  Mechanical Engineering  
ME 341 Dynamics of Machinery (5)
ME 342 Thermal Engineering (5)
ME 343 Fluid Mechanics (5)

  Electronics and Communications  
EC 361 Pulse and Digital Circuits (5)
EC 362 Communication Engineering (5)
EC 363 Electrical and Electronic Measurement (5)