Master of Arts in Human Behaviour (M.A.)

I. Prerequistes: 

A. Bachelor's Degree in Human Behavior or related field from an acceptable institution.

B. Completion of undergraduate work evaluated to be comparable to a Bachelor’s Degree by US Educational Norms by an organization qualified to make such an evaluation.

II. Program Requirements: The Masters program requires 55 units of graduate study.

  Courses Units
HB 301a/401a Personality Development (5)
HB 302/402 Human Sexual Behavior (5)
HB 303a/406a Environmental Psychology (5)
HB 304/404 Stress in Human Organizations (5)
HB 305/405 Statistics for Behavioural Sciences (5)
HB 306/411 Sociology of the Family (5)
HB 307 Project (10)